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Best Ladies Beauty Parlour in Tirupati

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Facial is like workout! Get rid of your dead skin with facial or you can unclog your face pores with facial cleanup. Well! Which one suits you best? Confused?? It entirely depends on your age and skin. Come and take facial services in our parlor and our experts will decide which procedure is best for your skin. There is wide gamut of facial varieties available in our parlor, and our facials in Tirupati are known for blessing ladies with young skin. Being the best ladies parlour for facials in Tirupati, our experts not only focus on cleaning and nourishment of your skin, but also go that extra mile to give it a glowing touch.

At EEMOS the facial treatment is done after understanding your skin concerns, water intake and diet, as your daily routine has significant role on your skin health. Our esthetician will relax your face for extracting blackheads and whiteheads, followed by facial masks. We are the best ladies parlour for facials in Tirupati and this has been told to us by our customers, and yes, we are happy for this.

It is recommended that a person should do facial treatment once in a month, or in case of season change.

Your hair is your crown! Do you have any hair related issue? If yes, then you are not alone. Most of us suffer from some kind of hair issues in their life and it is important to get hair treatment on time.

Professionals at EEMOS cater excellent solutions for all your hair related problems. We are the best Hair Salon in Tirupati and believe in complete transformation of your hair from ordinary to extraordinary. We welcome our clients in a warm and comfortable environment, where they are well-entertained by our experts. Our hair salon in Tirupati adopts fine art treatment for nourishing and rejuvenating your hair.

Walk out of our salon with more confidence. Your stylish hair will complement your personality, hence a good reason for you to smile. Our products are picked up from some of the leading brands which give a glamorous touch to your hair. Choice of product depends on individual hair’s look, and texture- all is done to strengthen your hair and give it a stylish luster. Being the best beauty salon for hair spa in Tirupati we have earned a reputed position in our business. It doesn’t matter whether you hair is curly, short, or straight, our team strives to give it the latest fashionable look.

Make up is more like an art! And if you are looking for one of the best bridal makeup salon in Tirupati, EEMOS is here. On your special day of wedding, our team endeavors to render you the best version of yourself. We want you to look flawless on your wedding day. Our professionals listen to all your personal needs and give you a stunning look which remains intact throughout your marriage, thus making you aware of your true beauty.

Give your bridal makeup work to us and enjoy the change in yourself! Go glamorous with EEMOS, the best bridal makeup salon in Tirupati.

We use the best beauty products for bridal makeup, but ultimately it is the artistic touch of our professionals which brings perfection on your face. Our makeup artists in Tirupati bring on table their excellent makeup skills and apply customized makeup tricks, depending on bride’s choice. Wedding is the most important day for any girl, hence to organize it systematically, our team will discuss about bridal makeup in advance. Your makeup will be planned as per your wedding dress and our experts will give you the best touch on this special occasion.

Like any other parts of the body, nails of feet and hands are equally important. Manicure and pedicure performed in salon keeps your nails clean, hydrate your hands, cuticles, and give relief from pains because of arthritis etc. EEMOS is a manicure & Pedicure salon in Tirupati which takes care of your nails and caters you unbelievable soothing experience through latest techniques. Our highly professional staff performs manicure and pedicure techniques in a hygienic environment. Our equipment's are designed by keeping the comfort level of customers. Our manicure & Pedicure salon in Tirupati has established its identity over a period of time and that’s the reason why we have a long list of repeated customers.

We are known for giving artistic solutions to your nails. We provide personal consultation to our customers as per their nails. Our nail experts suggest particular products to the clients which are based on their nail conditions. Standard of our manicure salon is maintained by our staff as all of them are highly experienced. Privacy comes first for us, thus we provide separate room to each client for maintaining their comfort level. We always prefer branded products for keeping your nails free from any kind of infection.

Give new definition to your nails! It’s the time to decorate your nails with multiple colors and designs. Nail extensions for women are quite trending and if you want to give a fresh look to your nails, EEMOS welcomes you with open arms. Our best nail art salon in Tirupati offers plethora of nail extension and nail art options and our professionals can suggest you the best choice as per your personality. Our nail experts undergo with different training sessions on latest designs and keep themselves updated with new designs of nail art. Our matchless techniques and attention-grabbing designs make us stand out of crowd.

Give special appearance to your nails with our glossy finish. This glamorous touch to your nails will not only make them elegant, but also heal injured nails. All our products meet international standards for catering you nothing but the best quality. Our clients call us the best nail salon in Tirupati and this is because of our intense knowledge about various designs and innovative techniques. We strive to make you a center of attraction among your loved ones and yes, our experts do it for you. Come and give us a chance and we will never disappoint you, that’s our promise.

Waxing is a temporary removal of hair from skin. You will see the new hair in the same area after 4-5 weeks. But yes, one may start getting hair in a week because of their rapid hair growth cycle. Removing hair through waxing is quite safe, as it keeps your body away from any cuts. However, only natural products should be used for waxing. As the use of unnatural creams may cause harm to your skin. And hence it is crucial that one should go with authentic salon with professional experts. EEMOS provides one of the best hair removal services in Tirupati. Our waxing services include arms, front body, legs, back body waxing and so on.

Enjoy waxing without pain! EEMOS believes in painless waxing which will make your skin breathe. Get supple and soft skin with our best hair removal services in Tirupati. We believe in perfection and our experts give their best to cater your body an everlasting waxing experience. We give special attention to sensitive skin; this implies our waxing procedure will render you feathering touch. Our body waxing for female can remove unwanted hair from any part of the body. We respect your privacy and hence extra care is taken to maintain it.

What They feel

  • I was Art student and was afraid to take skin course but after approaching EEMOS academy and attending free Demo class I decided to take full course and successfully completed within 3 months. Now i work as Mehendi designer, Makeup artist in my leisure time. A big thanks to eemos.

    NANDINI, Dubai
  • I came to know about eemos from one of my dad’s friend. I completed my skin, hair, spa and makeup course in EEMOS . Now I am happy I am managing my little kid and my profession. All the credit goes to eemos.

     VISHNU PRIYA, Nellore
  • I have taken spa course in EEMOS academy. I was really surprised by the way of teaching theoretically and practically. I completed my spa course with in spam of 15 days. I appreciate EEMOS for their dedication.

    CHANDINI PRIYA, Salon owner - Srikala Hasti
  • I feel worth and satisfied after completing my course in EEMOS academy . Initially I was feared to leave my home town for training. Later, now I run my own salon.

    SUNITHA, Rajampet
  • After completing my PG and got married I had an idea and interest from my schooling to learn Beauty courses so after intense searching in my home town reached EEMOS and completed my course. And now I am working as internal trainer for eemos academy with good amount of package . I am thankful to eemos for my life time.

    FAIZA Internal trainer, EEMOS ACADEMY
  • I had an interest in Beauty field so initially got trained in local beauty parlour with basic knowledge and started my salon, But i was not confident in running my business for 15 years, so finally one day reached EEMOS for advance training and successfully completed. I would proudly say that I am very confident and knowledgeable after my training from eemos academy. My special thanks to Mohana lakshmi ma’am for encouraging and supporting me in my career.

    SAROOPA, Owner - Saroopa Beauty Parlour, Tirupati
  • After my marriage went to US where I could find more of leisure time. From my childhood I was interested in creative arts Mehendi, I planned for six months trip to my home town for getting trained in beauty. Finally reached EEMOS , completed my training successfully and I do Beautician services for my neighbor and friends in US. I am happy in two ways spending my leisure time as a esthetician and earning my pocket money.

  • I am uneducated . After taking my beauty training in EEMOS, I am very confident about my work. Sometimes people are shocked with my skin analysis and I find customers referring me to their friend for my work.

    SAILAJA, Freelancer Beautician ,Kuwait
  • I am really grateful and thankful to EEMOS beauty academy for providing me perfect training. I was initially I and my sister taken Basic and Advance beauty training from eemos and started a salon

    JYOTHI, Tirupati
  • I am happy with my Business running a salon successfully along with my garment business. All this happened only after getting a professional and ethical training from EEMOS academy. Thanks to eemos

    SIVARANJINI, Owner - Pinky Beauty Parlour, Tirupati.









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