Mohana Lakshmi

  • Beauty Cosmetologist (Cidesco-Switzerland)

  • Cosmetic Formulator (U.S.A)

  • Diploma in Facial Mask Therapy (U.K)

  • Beauty Educator

Self-care is one of the highest standards of nourishing one’s inner beauty and outer appearance.

We ALWAYS keep that in our mind at EEMOS. We have continuously held high standards of care and customer service to all our clients.

Since our beginning, we have held ourselves to a high standard. Mohana Lakhsmi, our co-founder and visionary behind our brand, wanted to create a world-class brand and salon within the beautiful hills of Tirupati. She sought out the esteemed CIDESCO (Switzerland) certification and became one of the very few aestheticians currently holding this coveted diploma. She further wanted to incorporate cutting-edge services in cosmetology and product development in a journey to offer a holistic experience to all our clients, so she completed highly sought-after certifications in these fields both in USA and UK.

Mohana Lakshmi also has an immense passion for educating and developing strong women entrepreneurs in her field to help them establish their brands and have successful careers. With this firm intention, we also started our EEMOS Academy, through which we have graduated so many successful women entrepreneurs with rewarding financial growth.

EEMOS Salon and Academy has always offered tailored options to its clients and its students to pick what is best fit for their needs.

EEMOS salon has a great variety and broad services and product lineup offerings.

EEMOS Academy also has various course offerings for students who want to start a business by pursuing their education as beauticians, stylists, estheticians, salon business management, and salon operations.

As we intend to grow our presence to a larger community of clients, we continue to be grateful for support and loyalty!

We hope to see you soon!

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