Name: Dakshyani,
Parlor: Karishma Beauty Salon,
Place: Pallipattu, Tamilnadu.

I came from a lower-middle-class family in Pallipattu, Tamilnadu. Like many girls from a lower-middle-class family, I couldn’t study for too long. But, I had learned, observing my parents, what all it takes to run a family – the absolute love with absolute determination.

I was married to my husband at an early age. We have two daughters. My husband was working hard, earning a reasonable amount of money – which is sufficient to run a family but not to provide our two daughters with the best education. I remember what happened in my case and I decided I shouldn’t let the history repeat. I always wanted to support my husband. I started tailoring at home. Being a woman with no formal education and no proper guidance, I couldn’t find any better way.

I could help my husband to some extent. I was very happy. But, within a short time, I realized we couldn’t afford a suffocated life to our daughters. I had to look for another way. That was the time I came across a beauty parlor nearby my home, owned by a woman. I got to know that she was earning 50k per month. Out of curiosity, I asked her all my doubts – how to become a beautician and what is essential to start a beauty parlor?

She explained me everything. She was not offering any beautician course in her beauty parlor but accepted to teach me the basics of the beautician course. Without thinking a thing, I joined in her beauty parlor. I learned the basics of makeup in two months which helped me run a small beauty parlor for six years in my home. To acquire the professional beauty parlor course, I wanted to join in a reputed beauty academy.

To Provide My daughters with the Best Education, I Had to Educate Myself.

On seeing my passion for becoming a beautician, my cousin’s wife recommended me Eemos beauty academy in Tirupati. She was a teacher in a private school. Because of the too much pressure and low paying salary, she had to leave the job. Later, she joined in a professional beauty course in Eemos beauty academy in Tirupati, mastered the course and been working as a beautician in Srikalahasti.

I enquired about the Eemos beauty academy, had seen their website and was impressed, decided to join the Eemos. After knowing the complete details, I decided to join in the Eemos beauty academy. Within a few days of the course, I understood it is not as easy as I think. I came to know that a beautician needs to involve one hundred percent to understand a customer’s requirement and to help them look flawlessly.

I got too many doubts which were clearly explained by our tutor, Mrs. Mohana Lakshmi. She completed the Cosmetic Formulation Course in the USA under the guidance of leading cosmetic formulator. She is very sensible and has a good taste which can make a big difference in the beauty industry. She was the one who got the burning the question in my mind, and told me – Where there’s a will there’s a way. She built confidence in me.

I heeded her advice and grasped everything that is essential to start a beauty parlor. I got an overall idea about it even before the completion of the course. After completing the course, I started a small beauty parlor and been helping my customers get their best look. My work has been receiving appreciation, recognized by our customers, and many of them recommended our beauty parlor to their relatives and friends. Now, our beauty parlor is one of the best parlors in and around pallipattu, Tamilnadu.

Now I own a beauty parlor, earning 30k per month and happily living with my family in my hometown. I am supporting my husband, and I am also planning to expand my beauty parlor. My daughters are pursuing their bachelor’s degree in a top engineering college. My dream has come true. Without the guidance that Eemos beauty academy gave me, I may not have been where I am today.

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