As a Beauty Cosmetologist I frequently get few common Questions about ageing. All of us without any exceptions we desire to have the skin of a baby’s—–Chubby, Plump, Soft and Bouncy.  There are enough anti ageing products on the counter and also advertisements to highlight them and educate us on science of ageing.

Here is a quick Recap:-

  1. Drynesthat need hydration
  2. Dullness that needs radiance
  3. Dark spots and pigmentation that needs diminishing
  4. Wrinkles that needs to be smoothened
  5. Sagging skin that needs a lift

While we grow into beautiful adults our bone structure gets more defined , the fats go leaner , and the face gets more contoured. By the time we hit 25’s the tired look under the eyes, the dry skin and may be the hollow pockets under the eyes start to bother us.

The first sign that our skin has started ageing is that it looks dehydrated, Pigmented, few dark patches, dryness and pores look larger. At 40’s we can see fine lines where collagen and elastin begins to decrease. In 50’ we can see hollous along temples, cheeks sag down and face tends to  sections with bulges over the laugh lines  and jowls .

Pigmentation could be part of all of this at any stage. We generally see and notice what happens to the skin on top. The beauty solutions may need just application of the product on the skin alone and there is a lot to watch what happens beneath.

So, we however know the first sign of ageing is dryness and dullness.

The ceramides that protect your epidermis also start to becoming less effective leaving your skin vulnerable   on dead cells on top do not shed off easily and the chumped melanin stays on with it, making you look dull and darker and all of this further aggravated through sun expose.

Few tips to enjoy ageing gracefully

  • Sunscreen (broad spectrum)
  • Exfoliator( according to skin type)
  • Moisturiser
  • Night cream with collages boosters
  • omega-3 supplements
  • Beauty nap(mid-day, 20 min )
  • Good sleep, workouts and balanced diet.

N.C.Mohana Lakshmi, M.B.A.,

EEMOS salon and academy,
Beauty cosmetologist, (CIDESCO)
Cosmetic formulator, ( USA)
Diploma in facial mask therapy,(UK)
Beauty educator.

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